Jessica Caceres

Born to parents from the Dominican Republic and raised a New Yorker, Jessica’s proud of how this melting pot city has influenced her perspective. A self-described lifelong learner, she earned a degree in Urban and Community Studies from the University of Connecticut before moving back to New York and honing her skills, first as a fulfillment manager, and later as a project manager, for clients in the events, design, and food industries. At REA, she helps real estate leaders create compelling places by overseeing projects from concept to completion.

Driven by the endless potential of the creative process, Jessica excels at rallying teams around details to create distinct outcomes that are as thoughtful as they are thorough. With a focus that never strays from the big picture, she uses organizational prowess and imaginative problem-solving to keep us on track and on vision. Even outside the office, you’ll find Jessica planning—in her free time, she enjoys helping friends and families bring party ideas to life.