Michela Povoleri

Originally from northeastern Italy, Michela studied advertising, graphic design and editorial design in Pesaro and Urbino before heading Stateside to complete an MFA at the Yale School of Art. She built her portfolio at Benetton’s creative studio Fabrica, the Yale British Art Center and several design and architecture studios in Europe and the US before landing at REA, where she has worked on place-making projects for Mack-Cali and JBG SMITH.

As a designer, Michela throws herself into the discovery stage to uncover what makes each project fresh and unique. Passionate about the possibility inherent in every assignment, she seeks to explore an idea from multiple viewpoints, making connections and drawing inspiration from the world around her — overhead conversations, found objects and serendipitous media snippets. The Jacks store across the street from REA speaks to her frugal upbringing and keeps her thrifty soul at peace.