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Brand Strategy
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Identity System
Website Design
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A considered response to place & setting.

Home is where you can indulge in the smallest details. A home of careful consideration, ALIA is a 40-story luxury rental property poised in the St. Anthony Falls Historic District of Northeast Minneapolis. Warm and gracious, ALIA responds to residents’ needs with subtle, thoughtful gestures that transform even the simplest, most fleeting experience into something perfectly crafted.

Our team worked alongside Alatus, LLC to build a sophisticated, comprehensive brand — conveying unspoken luxuries and extraordinary quality with thoughtful, yet understated touches. The project began with a three-day immersion into the city of Minneapolis, where we deepened our understanding of the local lifestyle, gaining inspiration from ‘real moments’ throughout the city. Every moment we witnessed informed our creative approach, which began with the name ALIA, meaning ‘to heighten’ — a response to the property’s soaring stature and building promise.

An earthy, welcoming color palette sets the stage for the brand, with the addition of an airy blue that gently nods to the tower’s height. Two carefully chosen typefaces capture the essence of the neighborhood and property: one that creates a sense of conversational warmth, and another that elegantly pays homage to the surrounding history. A combination of images and illustrations ensure the brand mirrors the best of Minneapolis, highlighting ALIA’s finest moments with elevated approachability.

The purposefully simple visual identity serves as a clean canvas for poetic and narrative-driven language. Refined word choices make the voice feel luxurious, while hints of “Minnesota nice” and nods to local culture ground every aspect of communication. Layered together, the striking visuals and refreshing voice bring ALIA to life through an all-encompassing brand identity that eloquently represents this property’s potential to add to the richness and community of Minneapolis.


Formulating this brand required us to introduce new perspectives while staying true to the surrounding community––a challenge that was met with intentional creativity and great care for every detail.

Minneapolis, MN