Brooklyn Bridge Forest

Brooklyn Bridge Forest

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A 19th Century Icon. A 21st Century Experience.

Brooklyn Bridge Forest is a mission-driven collaborative project focused on transforming and expanding one of New York’s most iconic thoroughfares with purposeful public greenspace. Since its legacy began in 1883, the Brooklyn Bridge has served as a dynamic pathway that connects boroughs, cultures, people––and soon, two anchor forests. This reimagination stands to enhance the world-renowned landmark through an expansive promenade, improved laneways, community programming, sustainability initiatives, and an international partnership that will help permanently protect 200,000 acres of precious rainforest. 

REA was honored to join forces with Pilot Projects Design Collective, Cities4Forests, Grimshaw and Silman, and the Wildlife Conservation Society to use design for the better good. Our task was to create a memorable and lasting brand that positions Brooklyn Bridge Forest as an elevated, immersive, and world-changing experience.

Our approach was centered around the concept of bridging relationships: between people and place; city and nature; Guatemala and New York City; and New York City and the world. Key color choices reflect unique elements and energies that come together through the Brooklyn Bridge Forest experience. A duality of typefaces represent both the stone-chiseled character of old and the contemporary nature of progress. The simple, but striking logo serves as a timeless nod to the bridge, the forests, and the overarching vision. Whimsical, yet meaningful, messaging strategically alludes to nature while also speaking passionately about the project’s impact, the landmark’s evolution, and the future’s promise. 

With every creative decision, we were careful to respect Brooklyn Bridge’s history while celebrating Brooklyn Bridge Forest’s fresh perspective. More than a brand, the result is a beacon of innovation and ingenuity and a new symbol of hope, community, climate action, and positive change that New York will proudly share with the world.

Our brand puts communities at the heart of every decision—serving as an inclusive invitation to connect to a place with deep-rooted intentions and far-reaching purpose.

Brooklyn Bridge Forest
Brooklyn Bridge, NY