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Elme Communities

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A New Way Home.

Formerly WashREIT, Elme Communities is a multifamily-focused real estate investment trust with a storied past of success and, now, a promising fresh face. Established as the first REIT in the United States, Elme Communities has been elevating living and working experiences for value-conscious renters for over 60 years. Today, they are narrowing their portfolio’s focus, dedicating their efforts to answering multifamily needs with reliability, quality service, and valuable innovation every step of the way.

WashREIT approached our team for help shaping their new identity. Collaborating closely, we pinpointed exactly what compels their residents to choose their communities–using those insights to craft a refreshed, bespoke brand. Careful to showcase their experience and humanize their voice, our fresh perspectives validates their position as an industry leader while earning trust from new generations of renters.

The new identity began by re-naming WashREIT to Elme Communities. Elme conjures up images of an established tree, evoking feelings of strength, dependability, and steadfastness. Deeply-rooted in meaning, it alludes to the idea of “Welcome Home” an invitation for residents to find a safe and comfortable home, as well as “Elevate Home,” a sentiment that ties to the overall mission of the brand.

Our design approach uses directional motifs and simple, human language to signal new direction, while also hinting at Elme’s ability to guide with experience. An earthy color palette of greens and neutrals mixes with an unexpected pop of chartreuse, creating a warm, friendly, and uniquely engaging brand feel that’s present at every turn. Each piece of creative stems from the seed of a logo that represents shelter, value, direction, and progress–ultimately growing WashREIT into the more directional Elme brand, primed to lead the way for both residents and investors alike.


This thoughtfully executed brand refresh is proof that deep roots don’t mean you’re stuck in your ways. This is a company that’s still evolving, growing, and moving forward with exceptional promise.

Elme Communities
Washington, DC