Welcome to REA

We are an independent branding agency informed by an acute awareness of business and culture, motivated by design and place.

Guided by research, strategic thinking and common sense, we build iconic brands centered around people to define meaningful relationships with the built environment.

With clear dialogue and ideas that resonate, we shape memorable experiences that enlighten and engage, launching active brands and places that deliver significant impact.


Doing different today to do
different tomorrow. We stand
for work that stands apart.

Place Defining to define place

We place an emphasis on place. Impelled by purpose and meaning, we define and communicate the impulses that influence the choices around the spaces we inhabit.

Place Branding to brand place

We transform places into destinations. We tap into the innate, idiosyncratic sensibility of each place to build purposeful brands and experiences that aren’t just different – they’re distinctive.

Place Marketing to market place

Predicated on studious insight into landscape, people and culture, our campaigns engender the desire to buy or lease, with measurable impact.

Every relationship starts somewhere.
We want yours to start here.
Joseph Antonios Joseph Antonios

Joseph Antonios

Creative Director

Favorite place in NYC:

38°15'31''N 85°39'37''W

Australian born, with a history that began with branding for boutique wineries in Melbourne, Joe has continued his thirst for design, creating iconic brands both nationally and internationally. With experience at renowned brand agencies Grey Worldwide and Base Design; his portfolio spans work for Honda, Pepsico, City of Melbourne, RXR, JBG SMITH, Blackstone, Mack-Cali and the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. He has received award nods from D&AD and both NY & Tokyo Type Directors Clubs.

Driven by a relentless curiosity, Joe seeks to deliver considered solutions to complex design challenges, placing clarity and good thought at the forefront of every outcome. Intelligent, intuitive and inclusive, his designs are grounded in strong conceptual thinking underpinned by an awareness of social and cultural attitudes.

Shana Hobbs Shana Hobbs

Shana Hobbs

Director of Project Management

Favorite place:

15°17'57''N 74°7'26''E

A Miami native who has backpacked around the world, Shana has since made herself very much at home in NYC. At REA she has overseen from concept to completion large-scale commercial, residential and retail projects for Himmel and Meringoff, Blackstone, JBG SMITH, RXR, Grosvenor, Oxford Development Companies and more.

Motivated to help amazing design happen, Shana channels her preternatural levels of organization towards achieving exceptional results for both her clients and her team, and revels in seeing creative ideas brought to life. In an environment built around design and big ideas, she gets to flex her own creative muscles via the impromptu problem solving that forms the heart of her project manager role. A time management pro both inside the office and out, Shana spends her off hours weightlifting, hiking upstate and basking in the affections of her Maltese pup Kila.

Michael Goodgold Michael Goodgold

Michael Goodgold


Would prefer to be:

48°6'40''N 4°22'36''E

Born in Queens, Michael fell in love with the changing face of NYC. He saw the city’s architecture and design as a bookmark of the times, and was determined to make his own mark on the city.

Having graduated from FIT, Michael worked in his uncle’s fashion production company, where he became passionate about the possibilities arising from the intersection of business and purposeful design. After spending some time in Fashion, he found graphic design and communications to be a better fit. A role at a graphic design firm handling real estate clients followed – the city had come calling. Unable to ignore Manhattan’s siren song, Michael launched REA, shaking up the real estate world by delivering singularly beautiful marketing keepsakes vastly at odds with the plodding institutional fare that was the industry standard at the time.

Supported by a team of design professionals with backgrounds in branding and design, and deftly responding to new shifts and disruptions in real estate, the studio has since evolved its focus towards strategic place-making.

Michael remains fascinated by the question of what it takes to make a place that people gravitate towards. This has become a central theme at REA. Under Michael’s leadership, the studio’s unrivaled ability to help clients express the essence of a place through considered, engaging brand identities has positioned it as a conversation leader. 

Jessica Caceres Jessica Caceres

Jessica Caceres

Senior Project Manager

Favorite vacation spot:

35°30'18"N 45°18'95''E

Born to parents from the Dominican Republic and raised a New Yorker, Jessica’s proud of how this melting pot city has influenced her perspective. A self-described lifelong learner, she earned a degree in Urban and Community Studies from the University of Connecticut before moving back to New York and honing her skills, first as a fulfillment manager, and later as a project manager, for clients in the events, design, and food industries. At REA, she helps real estate leaders create compelling places by overseeing projects from concept to completion.

Driven by the endless potential of the creative process, Jessica excels at rallying teams around details to create distinct outcomes that are as thoughtful as they are thorough. With a focus that never strays from the big picture, she uses organizational prowess and imaginative problem-solving to keep us on track and on vision. Even outside the office, you’ll find Jessica planning—in her free time, she enjoys helping friends and families bring party ideas to life.

Michela Povoleri Michela Povoleri

Michela Povoleri

Design Director

Would like to visit:

37°39'50''N 127°58'42''E

Originally from northeastern Italy, Michela studied advertising, graphic design and editorial design in Pesaro and Urbino before heading Stateside to complete an MFA at the Yale School of Art. She built her portfolio at Benetton’s creative studio Fabrica, the Yale British Art Center and several design and architecture studios in Europe and the US before landing at REA, where she has worked on place-making projects for Mack-Cali and JBG SMITH.

As a designer, Michela throws herself into the discovery stage to uncover what makes each project fresh and unique. Passionate about the possibility inherent in every assignment, she seeks to explore an idea from multiple viewpoints, making connections and drawing inspiration from the world around her — overhead conversations, found objects and serendipitous media snippets. The Jacks store across the street from REA speaks to her frugal upbringing and keeps her thrifty soul at peace.

Tom Hayes Tom Hayes

Tom Hayes

Design Director

Would prefer to be:

48°49'11''N 2°25'35''E

A UK native, Tom has lived, worked and studied on both sides of the pond, including at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia. Over the years he has built a portfolio of work for noteworthy brands including Bonhams, Sirin Labs, Related and Salomon.

Tom’s approach to design foregrounds simplicity and solutions. In every project he strives to deliver the cleanest, clearest solution possible, while bringing in subtle, unexpected elements that add meaning and delight. An avid sportsman, Tom spends his summers on the golf course and his winters on the ski slopes.

Sara Park Sara Park

Sara Park

Associate Project Manager

Would rather be:

43°51'19''N 87°4'55''W

Sara grew up in Ann Arbor and earned a degree in Art and Design from the University of Michigan. After graduating and moving to New York, her role as a designer quickly evolved as she discovered a growing interest in the operational side of the creative process. Stepping into project management at REA, she uses her meticulous eye for detail to transform projects into noteworthy brands—such as Liberty BKLYN, SPACE+, Cannon Hill Capital Partners, and 99 Coolidge.

Inspired by the opportunity to impact cityscapes and “up-and-coming” communities, she approaches every project with tremendous thought and care––ensuring every ‘t’ is crossed, every ‘i’ is dotted, and every result is nothing short of remarkable. When she’s not delving into the details of placemaking, you’ll find Sara connecting with the outdoors swimming, biking, or hiking.

Nick Wright Nick Wright

Nick Wright

Design Director

Favorite place:

41°39'16''N 74°41'5''W

Originally hailing from Kansas, Nick studied Graphic Design at Fort Hays State University. Pulled by New York’s renowned creative energy, he quickly took advantage of the city’s opportunities, growing his portfolio at leading agencies, where he contributed to global brands such as Microsoft, HairClub, and Starbucks. At REA, he leverages his award-winning perspective and knack for holistic strategy to transform burgeoning ideas into iconic places.

Nick deeply considers every aspect of design, leading him to bring thoughtful, comprehensive ideas to the forefront of each distinctive project. A proud art collector and supporter, his admiration for meaningful expression informs and inspires his creative approach. Outside of work, he’s continuously hunting down the next piece to add to his home gallery.

Alex Mauriello Alex Mauriello

Alex Mauriello


I would like to visit:

33°55'44''S 18°25'2''E

Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, Alex moved to New York to pursue her love of design at the New School in Manhattan, and completed her education at Northeastern University. After following career opportunities up and down the East Coast, she’s thrilled to continue sharpening her creative skillset in the city where it all began. At REA, she is constantly exploring, discovering, and refining new ways to strengthen the connections between people and place.

Alex’s ever-evolving approach to design is dynamic, yet intentional. She aims to use her creativity to not only answer important questions––but provoke them as well. Her unique perspective and adaptive process allow her to synthesize information into approachable, inspiring brand expressions that impact the way communities work, live, and interact. A jack of nearly all trades, Alex enjoys an eclectic array of hobbies including DJing, painting, gardening, and thrifting.

Cong Huynh Cong Huynh

Cong Huynh

Senior Designer

I would rather be:

52°31'13''N 13°23'19''E

Originally from Vietnam, Cong has followed his passion for design across the globe, venturing stateside to study at the Parsons School of Design and Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts before eventually landing in Los Angeles. At REA, his concept-forward approach shapes ordinary briefs into noteworthy places.

Boldly creative and meticulously strategic, Cong strives to design visual stories that both stir emotion and solve problems. He is dedicated to challenging norms and regularly pushes himself—and clients—outside of comfort zones to create distinct brands that resonate on a deeper level. After hours, you’ll catch him finding inspiration nearly everywhere—such as in a good tune, nature walks, long cook sessions, or a foreign language overheard on his travels.

Join our team and help us create a new place with a different perspective. View open positions
Join our team and help us create a new place with a different perspective. View open positions


We sketch, write, code and
wonder. We are a place of
design and dabble.

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We do great work with great
people for even greater results.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is ’place’?

The built environment is all around us in the form of businesses, properties, hotels, restaurants, institutions, districts and neighborhoods. But without intervention from developers, designers and placemakers it’s all just homogenous “space”. We implement and apply a strategy, vision and visual expression to these spaces transforming them into meaningful places that instill pride, belonging and community.

What are ’brands you can’t ignore’?

Driven to challenge the status quo and reshape how we experience our cities, we create brands that deliver a lasting impression while echoing the qualities that people actively seek. Rich with cultural significance and ingenuity, our identities produce measurable impact, driving business, investment and appealing to greater audiences.

Why work with REA?

REA is committed to creating memorable brands that engage on a human scale and drive quantifiable results. Here to challenge ourselves and our clients we curb the familiar and relentlessly seek to deliver solutions that are irresistibly iconic and unmistakably ours. By looking outside our field for influence and inspiration, we develop ownable identities that stand apart.

What are our expectations when working with new clients?

Checking off boxes is not enough for us. We aim to differentiate, unravel norms and challenge expectations about what it means to brand the built environment. As a result we seek to work with clients aligned in our belief that the value of branding is integral to the success of any undertaking, and who are open minded, with expectations as grand as ours.

What is REA’s ’perfect’ project?

Every project has the potential to be perfect. From the boutique to the large-scale, we see each project as a unique opportunity to use design to drive an unexpected outcome. Perfection arises not from the brief, but from the results. Where there is a clear, unique vision at work, we can bring it to life in fresh and compelling ways. The outcome is a solution that is perfect for the project and client, and therefore perfect to us.

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NEW YORK, NY 10001